Laser Cutting/Engraving

We can laser cut or engrave a variety of materials with our CO2 and fiber lasers. Materials include wood, plastic, metal rubber, felt, paper, foam and many others. Our maximum working envelope is 4' x 4'.

Sheet Metal Forming

We can punch, press, shear and bend a variety of metals on our 50 ton ironworker and 60 ton CNC back gauged press brake.                                                

Engineering Services

We can design and engineer your product from concept to reality using modern MCAD and ECAD packages.


Plasma Cutting

We can plasma cut a variety of metals within a 4' x 4' envelope. With the ability to pierce 5/8" mild steel and edge start 3/4" mild steel  while maintaining a kerf under 1/16" the applications are endless.   



We can TIG/MIG weld carbon steel, alloy steel, aluminum and stainless steels.                                                                                                                                                 

PCB Assembly

We can handle your short run SMT PCBs  (down to 0201) on our 44 feeder pick and place machine.

CNC Machining/Turning

We can machine or turn your parts from a variety of metals and plastics on our 4 axis VMC or our turning center with live tooling turret.                                                        



We can configure our 6 axis KUKA robot to weld or mill your project providing the  capability automate production of weldments or machine items not possible with many other methods.

Wire Harnesses

We can process your wire harnesses quickly and efficiently with our automated wire stripper and automated crimper.